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Ben Sisko is an aspiring entrepreneur, Enstitute apprentice, and all-around pretty good dude. After working towards a career in the law, spending time as a policy expert on homelessness issues, United States Supreme Court clerk, and working in DC based law firm serving technology firms, he made his first major pivot: canceling law school and joining a high growth start-up.

Ben currently works as the Head of Vendor Relations at Main Street Genome, an ambitious project led by Scott Case, founding CTO of, and Eric Koester, co-founder of and professor of entrepreneurship at Georgetown University. There he is part of the team committed to helping main street business perform more profitably using data analytics and crowd sourced information.

"I'd rather build something so successful, so disruptive, that it needs a team of lawyers than be one."
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The most fun I ever had as a kid was tagging along with my neighbor to the local flea market. I'd sell trading cards, customized video game controllers, and flip items for margins only a 14 year old could afford. Later in college, I'd sell burgers and pizza on frat house row, clean houses, and attempted to build small businesses; all for the fun of it. Nobody ever told me this could be a career. Nobody described this as entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the help of mentors like Katie Gage (, Scott Case ( and Eric Koester (, they've helped show me how to build a career and lifestyle around my passion for entrepreneurship. There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm enjoying ride.

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