From Zero to a Ton

It's been just over a month since the last update on DC Tree Delivery and things couldn't be more exciting!!

There is plenty of work to do so this post will be a short one, but TLDR, we sold out of our entire inventory! From 0 sales to 100 trees purchased and counting, here are the highlights that got us there:

  1. Logistical Planning - In order to sell 100 trees we needed to source the trees, transport the trees, store the trees, and deliver the trees. Working with local vendors, storing inventory nearby, and planning delivery logistics ahead of time was vitally important.
  2. Ease of Purchasing - As a new service (both a new business and new concept), ease of purchase was a priority. We kept our price point below $100, made scheduling deliveries simple, and were explicit about what we offer and how it works.
  3. Press, Press, Press - I sent nearly 50 emails to local press, blogs, and radio outlets. After the Washingtonian, CBS, Fox, WTOP, and the largest local blogs picked up the story we saw a huge spike in orders. You can see where we were featured here.
  4. Customer Experience - DC Tree Delivery is more than a delivery service that drops packages off at your door. We are working in people's home, and it's important for our brand to offer the highest level of customer service anyone has ever received. Customers have evangelized our timely deliveries, professional demeanor, and over communication on social media and Yelp.
  5. Backup Plans - Thing will go wrong, saws will break. Have about 3 backup plans.

Plenty more deliveries to go but one final update will document our experience and tease the next Imposter Syndrome Project. But, the biggest thing we realized is that we now own a business with a strong brand and huge potential for growth. Did I mention we also have another 100 people on the tree delivery waiting list?